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Updated: Feb 23

Readers Expectations

Apparently the book is a big deal. Speaking with readers yesterday, I was overwhelmed by the positive response. Strange as it sounds, the most terrifying part of the whole publishing procedure is actually hearing that people have bought your book and are now in the midst of reading. Maybe its just my brain, but when I hear this, I immediately begin thinking "what if it's terrible!" Well the fact of the matter is that only testimonials will actually tell me whether that is the case and judging by the conversation I had last night - it might by ok after all.

Late Night Conversations

It's gone 10pm at night and somehow I have started a multi-way conversation between two friends who had the unfortunate business to read or almost read Drau: Blood. For the most part I am graciously accepting their high praises (in full knowledge that my friends are unlikely to tell me if I have got something wrong) and then technical snafu! My facebook page decides its going to launch my spreadshirt merchandise post for Valentines Day almost a week early. Immediately these two partners in crime are all over this. They tell me how good the merch looks and how poor they are going to feel. "It's ok." I tell them. "The store is open now so pick stuff up when you want." I'm downplaying the situation as much as I can. partly because I'm embarrassed and partly because this still feels bonkers to me at the moment.

"You have a following ... several places are stocking your book!"

All Art should be Promoted

Your successful. It's a word that has been pushed around a lot between friends at the moment. Successful. Not one that I tend to associate with myself, but my two friends are not alone in their sentiments. There is a feeling that my offering is in someway similar to a Youtube channel. They aren't that wrong to be fair. I have no PR team and it is truly criminal how little an author is paid - especially when they first start out. I have to be discovered by a readership and then hope that they are loyal to me for the journey. Like a band hoping to make the big time, I'm relying on the likes, stars, comments, and more to get me out there. Art should be promoted and I am so thankful to everyone who tells me they've put the blurb of my book up as their away screen or talked to friends and colleagues. Not all heroes wear capes and I am blessed to have a few on my side!

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