Why I Stopped Blogging

Ok, let's be honest. The last two years have been a write off. We've had lockdowns, fuel shortages, and now, more recently, the threat of World War 3! No one wants to read more about a life that was already pretty depressing, right?

I Believe That Everything Happens For a Reason...

Now, everyone who knows me that I've been on and off the whole 'God' thing for a while (don't worry, this isn't one of those posts) and right now, I am definitely on the off. But, everything happens for a reason and if you're like me, the chances are that you are thinking about giving that metaphorical dice another roll - am I right?

The truth is that like me, you probably reached a point where you dreaded posting day because you felt guilty about other projects or just felt like there was nothing to say. I am with you! I didn't realize just how childish I was about the virtual lifestyle.

Over the last two years I have definitely grown up a lot and if I have learned anything it's that getting your blog ready and readable is ABSOLUTELY one of the most important things you can do as a writer and indie-biz. Still, I bet that you're reading this and still thinking: "but it's still a hassle". You might even being thinking "but no one's reading it!" So, here are my 3 (yes, read that again - 3) tips to refresh your mindset:

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3 Things to Refresh

  1. Check Your Tags! If you haven't put tags on any of your social media posts then its time to do them. There are a huge number of apps that will search for tags for you so you can get to posting.

  2. Try a Different Platform! If posting traditionally isn't your thing, try Instagram and Tiktoc. Who said that a blog needs to be traditional like this one?

  3. Check your SEO? This just means, make sure that your blog can be find. Don't worry about perfection. Odds are that if you've been away, very few will suddenly start reading. Check over your SEO.

With these three points covered, you've got a great base to start your writing blog. Try it today and freshen up you posts.

So, don't let the political climate kick you down. You're an entertainer. Entertain!

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