Updated: Feb 23

It's that time again where the media looks at the startling array of books out there and begins generating their lists. Once again, Drau: Blood is listed, coming in at #8! The shortlist is compiled from fiction, non-fiction, and poetry, from authors all over the world and is available to 48 media outlets across the USA (not to mention the UK, Australia, and South Africa).

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A Long LONG list of Citations

In case you aren't aware, it's damn hard getting exposure as the new book on the scene! Shortlists like this is one of the few options open to new writers and getting onto them can be a challenge. Any of these authors listed in the Fall 2020 list are worthy of praise and have justly gained their place (and a standing ovation if I might add). Below you'll find the copious lists of news channels and press releases that quoted or took up this year's 20 Must Reads for Fall.

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