Taking a Break

Updated: Feb 23

It's time to take a bit of a break. The schools are out, summer is in full swing, so now seems as good as any to have a breather and focus on a bit more writing.

Knuckling Down to Write

As you can imagine, writing these blogs does take its toll on time. Every week I research into the topics that interest me, talk to authors and artists that want to feature here, and then, of course, there is the VIP Lounge subscription. What with working full time and being a mother to a precocious five-year-old, that doesn't allow for a lot of real writing time. Those of you in the know, are fully aware that at this moment in time I am in the final stages of completing the manuscript for the second book in Drau: The Series. As a scheduled release, it's really important to get this ready for the next phase of rewrites and editing inside the next month or so. The clock is ticking down and its time to get some serious writing done.

When Will You Be Back?

Actually you will still be able to keep up to date on everything writing-related by following me on social media. I regularly post on Facebook and Instagram and your likes, comments, and shares on these platforms go a long way - further than you would think. I will also be continuing The VIP Lounge subscription which if includes not only a nice newsletter filled with tit-bits but also a new piece of fiction every month. If however, this blog is your preferred method to keep up to date on all my news from the writing world, I'll be back in September (specifically 6th September for those of you wanting to mark those diaries and calendars) with what will undoubtedly be a really exciting post preparing for the launch of Drau: Scion!

Support Comes in Many Ways

Of course, if you've been enjoying these blogs or you've been helped by them in some way - there are other ways to share your support. Right now there is an ever-increasing range of merchandise that goes directly to supporting me in continuing to write the exciting stuff I know you all love. As I have said a few times since COVID-19 began, these purchases go a long way at a time when book signings and tours are simply not possible. It helps keep the proverbial ship floating and over the summer you will see more designs coming out so it's worth making sure that you check back every so often if keeping up to date on Facebook and Instagram isn't your thing.

What's Next?

Like I said, now it's time to knuckle down and get in those writing hours but I won't be disappearing. Recently I made the announcement that the cover art for Drau: Scion has been finalized and you'll be seeing more and more details on the second book the closer we get to the launch. It's going to be very exciting, that's for sure and for those of you who return here in a little of a month's time (which I hope is all of you). Till then, have a fantastic summer folks and I'll see you just before the leaves start turning.

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