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You only live once, right? I mean, if Covid taught us anything, it was that once freedom returned, it was to seize the moment. Well...

To my future readers, if WW3 hasn't happened, I am writing this during what can only be described as one of the dryest spells for indie business since the recession of the early 2000s. Some of it is certainly due to the current world political climate. But, mostly it is due to the HUGE bill the UK has accrued keeping everyone safe over the two years of Covid.

As of this moment, prices on everything from apples to apple macs are rising at an astronomical rate. Never before has there been such a need to find alternative methods of income. However, there is a problem. With prices universally rising, the handmade and indie business mojo is experiencing what can only be described as a financial drought. I went Indie at Easter (not too long ago) and I won't lie, I have had my moments of worry - have I made a mistake!

As a mother, I am fairly used to hard work (midnight wake-up calls, tantrums, early morning wake-up calls, children's cartoons on repeat, Dinosaurs that poo princesses - need I go on). On top of that, I work full time and I have more than my fair share of business and retail experience. Put all that together and I certainly felt more than qualified to do this. I know I am missing out on soo many of the important moments of my child's life that I needed things to change. I needed to be able to experience my child growing up and let's be honest, what author doesn't dream of writing full time?

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Well, I have sat down, I have run the numbers and in order to make a living that pays the bills, I need 4 people every day (including Christmas) to order £15 of merch. That's what it takes. 4 people - JUST 4 people! You see, too many naysayers out there believe that there is no way you can make a living doing something like this, or that every penny will be a drop in the ocean of expenses. While they are not wrong INITIALLY, I want to be the one to tell you - YOUR ORDER MATTERS. So, in case you were wondering whether to purchase from that indie business with the last few bob you've not given the electric company, the answer should be yes because you could be that fourth person. You could be the one that makes it that day. You are NOT a customer, you are an investor and you are insuring that the market (be it books, badges, stickers, or more) remains a place where a small-time mumpreneur can exist.

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