LAUNCH DAY! Why Authors (should) have Merchandise.

Updated: Feb 23

Today is a special day! It is the launch of the new digital subscription box delivering fiction right to your inbox EVERY month, but that's not all ... it's also the LARGEST launch of merchandise product I have ever issued for release.

Authors' Should Have Merchandise!

I make 55% of my sales from attributed merchandise to my titles and I don't think that is a dirty word! Whether it's book bags, pin badges, drink flasks, t-shirts, or even face masks, merchandise is one of the best ways an author can help fund their ability to write all those books that you really want to read. It helps make all those late nights away from family possible. It's well recorded that people feel funny for some reason about promoting their favourite authors but a lot more comfortable about telling their friends about their favourite pin, where they got that face mask, what that picture is on their bag etc. Authors' should have merchandise and yes, you should buy it!

Make Your Book Cover Work for You!

You've paid for it and often (if you are publishing independently) the cover is the most costly part of physically creating the final printed copy. So why aren't you using it to your advantage! You paid someone to create this or you spent a long time doing it yourself (kudos). Your cover, your title - is your brand so I am a complete believer that you should make that bad boy work for you!

Fan Art, Fan Art, Fan Art!

Fans LOVE fan art! Imagine the look on your face if your favourite author suddenly produced a piece of merch that celebrated the fantastic community surrounding them. Now everyone who frequents my channel knows that I am a BIG supporter of paying your artists. However, fan art is a different thing entirely. I want to celebrate fan art but there is no way that I could do that for every fan. I want to share their amazing stuff. I want to have them involved. Many fans produce fan art because they want to show their support - let them and celebrate it by making their art available to wear.

Join the Party

Obviously, it goes without saying that I would love for you to come and join the party! Right now (14th June 2020) we have a day of celebration over at That includes signed book giveaways, emote hype trains, and of course, epic merchandise which you can go and check out my selection here:


Please go ahead and click the little heart button at the bottom of this page and share with your friends and fans. A little support goes a long way and I appreciate every little bit you can give.

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