Have I Lost the Plot? Incoming!

Updated: Feb 23

Is it lockdown loco or quarantine dementia? Anyone who frequents my blog knows that I am a strong believer in paying your artists (and yes if you're new, an author is indeed an artist - we just paint with words!) so why would I suddenly offer anyone ANYTHING for free?

The Currency of Satisfaction

It's the one thing that consistently gets the highest turnover of views on this blog - the question of the dreaded 'freebie'. Since CV19 took over all of our lives (and particularly this week) I have seen post after post on social media from people asking the same question: "Where can I get free books?" Well, firstly no! No, you shouldn't ask for free books. You should definitely not ask authors to give away the hours they have spent laboring over their latest masterpiece for free - have some self-respect (rant over I promise)! However, that said payment can come in many forms: Patreon, Masterclasses, Twitch, and of course the good old fashioned e-mail subscriber. In short? Time. If you think about it, all we ever do as authors is beg you our readers, to spend a little of your time. Time is precious, it's the commodity with which life is purchased, and it's certainly equal to cash.

What I Have Been Working On...

People worry about GDPR (which is understandable) but the simple fact is that in today's strange new world, we need to be contactable somehow. I personally loath e-mails that are just a sales pitch and as that seems to be what most email subscriptions are - I tend not to subscribe. So why would I ask you to do something I wouldn't? Because what I am working on is NOT those useless email subs you see everywhere. I am offering you something that will be worth your time. Behold the Subbers VIP List!

Firstly, VIP... If you've taken the time to sign up to my mailing list whether it's because you love my work (here's hoping) or because of professional interest, you are a VIP. You've made a social contract to read what I forward to you and for that, I am extremely grateful. Next, subscription... Yes, that's what this is. For the price of your time, I am offering you a subscription deal and yes that implies what it says, actual product - content upgrades and no we're not talking about emotes!

What is an Opt-In?

An Opt-In is the internet's name for a unique product available only to subscribers at that time. By opting-in to my VIP list you'll get a newsletter and your first content upgrade - an exclusive novella! Every 3 weeks or so you'll receive a unique little product to say thanks for your support and of course by subscribing you will have on the ball up to date information on everything from my next public appearance to book release dates and live show schedules. You'll have the ability to ask questions (and get answers so long as they aren't too personal) and get involved in upcoming blogs. Not to mention, there's a little extra for those heroes among you that go the extra mile and get others to subscribe as well.

When Does It Go Live?

Subscriptions can be made right now! The first freebies will be sent out in the summer (some nice summer reading for you - nice huh?) and then continue to roll on from there. Why am I not sending it out straight away? Because people have second thoughts and it takes a bit of work to upload all these nice things but in case you were second-guessing already, I am already offering an opt-in for a free digital copy to accompany purchases of Drau: Blood so you know you're in good hands.

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