Hate Speech, Haters, and the Homophobic? Literature Response!

Updated: Feb 23


First of all, this is a response to the disgusting, homophobic targeting made against Dark Pond Creations' first full novel 'Mother, Dearest' (aka author Patrick Scattergood). Why? Because Mr. Scattergood had the audacity to use a homosexual main character in a piece of fiction where the nature of the character's previous relationship is mentioned a magnanimous twice (if you are really looking) and has nothing to do with the rest of the plot!

I Read It...

I truly believe in supporting other authors in my genre. If I want support then well, you know, you've got to give a little to receive a lot. It amazes me just how many authors promote their books on various groups and not one person in the same genre, NOT ONE, has the ability to so much as like, let alone share or heaven forbid, talk to that person about it! 'Mother, Dearest' I can categorically say, was a relaxing read. It was well paced, the language was full of vibrancy (you can tell I studied English right?), the plot was not only solid, but very very readable, in fact, by the turn of the third chapter, I'd almost forgotten that the character was gay! There was so much more going on and for once, it was refreshing to read something that had a homosexual aspect that was lifelike and yet not rubbing it in my face with over used hyperbole and unnecessary adjectives. There are some writers out there who could really learn from this book.

There is NO Excuse!

Now I don't care if you think you have a mandate from God himself - targeting anyone with relation to gender, colour, religion, or race is simply unacceptable in my book. Personal preferences aside, not only is there absolutely no need for it to form part of a discussion (I don't walk up to someone and open the conversation with 'Hey! I like guys!' So why should you?), but to target an author because of your preference - what is wrong with you?! When it comes to writing, literature has always delved into the extraordinary depth of human experience. Shakespeare himself was among the first to explore inter-racial romance in 'Othello' during a time when religion overtly considered black people little better than animals. Bram Stoker delved into promiscuity in 'Dracula' with the lead's no less than three wives! Mary Shelly dabbled in race and belonging in 'Frankenstein' - need I go on? Go to any bookshop and run your finger along the spines of the Fantasy and Sci-Fi section and you will find Elves in love with Humans, Vampires in relationships with Werewolves and more, yet no one blinks an eyelid. However, Scattergood mentions in passing that his character lives in 'sodomy' and suddenly the world goes banana's! If you are one of these shallow people, then I hope that you realize just how stupid you look right now.

"Mention in passing that his character lives in 'sodomy' and suddenly the world goes bananas!"

Why do I Care? Be Kind!

At this moment I am part way through the necessary writing and re-writing of book two of The Drau Series (Drau: Scion). Within it I have a character who is *SPOILER ALERT* gay. I haven't really mentioned it, if you look for it you might find it, but I'm not hiding it either. The thought that there are people out there who will look for that and then send me foul comments based on that, is just horrible. As I always say, the path of the author is far from easy. Taking the struggle to actually put the jumble of thoughts in you're head on paper in a way that actually makes sense, aside; and then the ongoing trek to find that all important readership and publicity without having to remortgage your house, we just don't have room to deal with hate. Not everyone likes every book. I personally don't enjoy literature that reads like it should be on the top shelf of a newsagent with a brown paper bag over it and only the title on show, but that's just me! If you're leaving a review because you DIDN'T like something, don't slam the author because they didn't cater to your specific requirements. That doesn't help anyone - reader or writer. BE KIND! Remember that the world is not filled with identical duplicates of you and as angry as you may feel about that now, your comment is simply going to look stupid in a week's time.

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