Happy Easter!

Updated: Feb 23

We are not the superheroes of this book - we are the ones that will see it written...

Let's face it we all want to sit back enjoy some chocolate and sink into a soft chair with our preferred page-turner right? So I'll keep this short. By this point last year I was knee-deep in the last scenes of writing Drau: Blood. I was juggling it with work, motherhood, friends, holidays and more. That's not happening this year - no need to say why. Right now I know that there are a lot of creatives out there who are counting the coins in that old pair of jeans or lamenting that their book tour will never happen and that first book will never see the light of day - but it's not all over. Yes, our collective health organizations are currently battling against the microscopic attacker in our midst but when the going got tough, when the world slowly went silent as lockdown took hold; it was the writers, the artists, the YouTubers and the entertainers that fortunately still healthy turned to. No, we are not the superheroes of this story but we are the integral background characters that kept the pages turning and when all the world stops wobbling, it will be the writers and the authors among us who turn today into the history books of tomorrow for generations to remember.

So, while you are lamenting the situation (and I write this sitting in the balmy heat of 22c which is nigh on unheard of in Britain for Easter - Nature for all her faults, has a strong sense of irony.), know that there isn't a creative in the world who does not feel the same pain as you. You are not alone and if the publishing industry has taught you one thing, its that you're a born survivor!

Happy Easter everyone. Now relax, enjoy that chocolate, find a nice soft armchair, and open the first page of a good book.

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