Drau: Scion is Released to Growing Expectation

Updated: Feb 23

Many readers of the series premiere - Drau: Blood, will be positively joyous today as the second book - Drau: Scion arrives on bookshelves and through letterboxes across the globe today.

Drau: Blood became a quiet phenomenon across the USA, Canada, and parts of Europe in early spring of 2020 when it was listed at #1 in The Best of Spring Reading. One of only 2 British authors on a list that stretched across every genre. While not the most competitive of listings, Drau: Blood was then cited again at #8 in 20 Must-Read Books for Fall 2020, and mentioned a 3rd time as a book to read for National Author Day across the USA. Almost a year later and far from the only new work penned by the same hand, Drau: Scion has arrived as the preeminent sequel with a returning cast of characters beloved by many.

Big Shoes to Fill...

Drau: Scion has some big shoes to fill as it competes to uphold readers' expectations from the foundations already laid in Drau: Blood. Following directly off from where the first book finished, favourite characters are making a come back. Where Drau: Blood focussed on the reinstatement of the noble house of Dhal-Marrah and the *spoilers - death of a usurper king, Drau: Scion sees the fictional land of the Draurhegar teeter on the brink of civil war between those loyal to the widowed queen and those who would overthrow her, all while a mass-murderer stalks the shadows seeking to undermine the fracturing peace.

Where Drau: Blood was a wild romp of blood and mayhem, Drau: Scion is a subtler game. In the new book, readers are invited to 'take a walk' around locations previously only mentioned in the overarching world view and the intricate game of cat and mouse is played across many of these beautiful settings.

Something Old, Something New

While many fan favourites are making a come back for round 2, Drau: Scion heralds a cast of new friends (and enemies) including a God - or at least a piece of one! Other characters previously only mentioned are dramatically fleshed out in full colour and readers are guaranteed to fall in love with many of them. In the words of Fran Briggs (cited WYRDE Coast TV) "The author masterfully draws her readers in with creative and sensory-filled content." Each little interaction carefully choreographed to reveal a little more of each character - for those who are looking.

Growing Expectation

Time will tell if Drau: Scion can live up to the expectations of its fans but already the book is being lauded across the USA news channels alongside a cinematic preview. For those looking to obtain a copy of one or both books in the series, links can be found here and here, and of course, the usual culprits (Amazon etc.) have their warehouses stocked and ready.

E S Stephens will be producing a live reading of Chapters 1 and 2 of her new book at at 8pm (GMT). For those unable to catch the show, a playback will be brought to the Bookwriter YouTube Channel later this December.

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