Books are like Sex!

Updated: Feb 23

It's one of my favourite quotes. "Books are like sex. You like the feel of the real thing but sometimes you can't wait for it." It's no surprise that I am a stoic believer in purchasing a good old fashioned hard copy of my chosen literature. I like the feel of the pages and the smell of the ink but these are difficult times we live in.

A Trying Time for Book Lovers

Last week I spoke about how Covid-19 had catastrophically impacted on creatives from all walks of life but let's not forget about those we rely on - the illusive reader. Yes illusive, and becoming an endangered species! Contrary to what the propaganda might tell you, the sales of books are down. Without a ready source of page-flipping goodness or a cheeky bookshop to tantalize the imagination, the readership for fiction at least, appears to have flown.

"Books don't just go with you, they take you to places you've never been."

Of course we have to admit, it's difficult to get hold of the real thing these days. The post is infrequent, the usual suppliers have placed longer shipping times, none of that is good for business! However, just like sex, that doesn't mean that we all need to become book celebrates for the foreseeable future. The digital option is out there and more and more authors are taking to social media to offer that option FREELY to those who have purchased and are waiting by the letterbox while exiled to social distancing and self-isolation.

(Click the picture to apply for your's now!)

But 99c Books are Bad?

"But a few weeks ago you said that trash-price books were bad!" Some of you at this point are no doubt remembering that I wrote another blog post not to long ago citing the evils of 99c books that were killing the publishing industry. I stand by all of that post! This blog is not about authors' reducing their titles to bargain basement prices (although some of them have definitely resorted to these measures). I am referring to adding options - allowing those all important readers to enjoy their purchases even if they are having to wait for them. This I completely support. In fact, I have gone so far as to embark on such a promotion myself. Why? Because it spreads the love of reading. But what about those who have no choice but to buy digital copies due to sight imparedness and disability? Why should they miss out? It's a quandary isn't it? While it's not a solution, my belief is that in the same way a reader might gift their digital copy to another (I sincerely hope they will actually), I also think it might be the case for someone who can't read physical copies to gift their purchase to a friend or family member while they make full use of the features of the digital. Perfect!

Look Out and Support!

So don't forget about the new and family favourite authors out there. They still need your support and even more so at a time when they feel the ability to present dramatically diminished. If you see those offers hanging around: snap them up, post them on your social media, phone a friend, and email it to a colleague. As another of my favourite quotes says: "Books don't just go with you, they take you to places you've never been." and in today's social climate, that might be the only thing that keeps us sane!

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