Best of Spring Reading 2020

Updated: Feb 23

Coronavirus may have hit us all in the gonads but here's a ray of sunshine - The Best of Spring Reading, a list of the top 10 books to read over the coming months, is out and Drau: Blood is listed at spot number 1!

It's Not a Competition

Everyone knows that writing Drau: Blood was never a competition, at least not for me - but boy is it nice to be recognized somewhere! If you aren't aware, The Best of Spring Reading is a selection of 10 books recognised as being among the hidden gems of the season's new releases. It includes new authors and those already recognised; KDP and traditional publications and is published on release by WRDE Coast TV (that's in the USA folks). It's not an overly competitive list but the top 10 are curated by American journalist Fran Briggs who among many other accolades, has worked with the San Francisco Journal and The Miami Herald.

Coming in at Number 1

There are no words to accurately convey what it feels like to a) physically see my work promoted by a news station let alone b) sat squarely up at the top of the list making it literally, the first thing you see. I can only describe it as a pretty amazing feeling and you'll just have to imagine the rest from there. A little chink in the glass wall of PR has been removed! That's not to say you should stop before reading the rest of the list mind you. Of the 10 books listed, there are some great titles by new authors that are very much worth every ounce of time available. As the list comprises both fiction and non-fiction you might need to weed out the ones not to your own personal taste, but more than likely, there will be something there to tempt you.

Inspiration Overdose

As the world continues to wobble around us (I myself have been in isolation now for - something like 17 days. Boy, does it feel longer!) and a third of the global population sits confined to quarters, it's easy for an author like me to lose inspiration. You'd think that having all that free time would result in a bucket ton of writing - alas no. What with all the family being around and unable to get out from each other's feet, it's been virtually impossible to get any writing done at all! That's a dangerous place for an author to be. You leave it too long and eventually lose interest entirely, the writing muscle begins to go slack, and eventually, the deadline creeps up on you. Having a book recognised as The Best of Spring Reading though, well that's a healthy dose of inspiration to crack out the manuscript and start writing feverishly. There's plenty more of The Drau Series to come!

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