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Updated: Feb 23

Ah, Facebook - you persistently irritate me, and yet I can't quit you! The joys of the author's life am I right? Actually, it's not Facebook that irritates me it's a small number of the people on it. The ones who hi-jack my own author page to promote their books (seriously how rude do you get!) without asking, the ones who deliberately go out be disgusting human beings for the sake of their own ego, and the ones who trick, scam, and lie their way to peoples' hearts. I could go on but today is not about that. Today I am going to celebrate those who defy the norms and show us that there are socially moral, excellent people out there in the world of social media!

Deanna Jewel - The Blogger Hero

Deanna is the author of no less than eight books covering paranormal romance all the way to self-help guides. Like so many authors right now, she is struggling against the tides of Covid-19 sales (or lack there off). Last week Deanna voiced her worries on a Facebook author's group to which I was responding (to the tasteless and obvious scams that have flooded the pages recently). We chatted about the challenges of CV-19 and the options available to us. What did this one of a kind lady do? Despite worrying about her own sales, she placed a post on her own blog to plug MY book Drau: Blood! Yes, you read that right. She supported me over her own dwindling sales. Congratulations Deanna! You made the social media hero cut. Deanna's books have received awards and fantastic reviews. You can check out her website here: to find all her fantastic works. If you love my stuff go check out this lovely lady!

Patrick Scattergood - Against the Odds

Patrick published his first full novel not too long ago and had the audacity to include homosexual characters in his fiction (I know, I know - the horror right). For this, he received some horrible reviews based entirely on someone's disgusting feelings towards same-sex romance. Despite this he's persevered, he didn't give up, and we have been sharing each other's work ever since. He's demonstrated that even when social media can be downright horrible and with views that haven't progressed since the 1800s, it's not going to taint the way he responds to individuals.

Like Deanna, he is suffering from the financial wrath of CV-19, and urgently needs your support. His books are modern fantasy, combining the norms of supernatural and fantasy writing, with settings so real you could reach out and touch them. You can buy his first title here.

Alice Carver - The Fan Artist

She's going to get embarrassed about this! Alice (though she wouldn't admit it) is a cartoonist illustrator. She draws everything from hand, inks it traditionally, then uses software to make simple but clean illustrations - seriously there is nothing she cannot draw I think! She was supposed to complete part one of her medical course this year, but CV-19 kicked that one right out of the field. Before the UK sunk into lockdown, I don't think anyone knew about her artistic talent.

As I approach 100-page subs I approached her about creating a design in her style for a t-shirt to be made available in my merchandise store. Alice is a fan of Drau: Blood and has not only supported my Facebook page, my Goodreads page, my Instagram page and my book in the Amazon store with reviews across the ENTIRE spectrum - she offered to draw and coloUr the design for FREE! Of course, as much as I love that she's so impressed with my work and so supportive of my social media channels, there is NO WAY that is going to happen and you can be assured that like ever self-respecting commissioner, I will most certainly be paying her for her time and effort. You can find her Instagram portfolio at cards_and_dragons. Check her out, make a commission, and pay your artists!

Thank you to all these people who make the world of social media several shades brighter! You've hit the legends list and there are many who could take a leaf out of your proverbial books.

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