Are you an Unfriendly Author (or do you buck the trend)?

Updated: Feb 23

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a writer in possession of a published work must NEVER allow their readers to look elsewhere! Well, besides the downright plagiarism of Pride and Prejudice, that is certainly how it feels for anyone who gives the online writer groups out there so much as a cursory glance!

Authors are not Sharers

I have chatted about the ongoing issue with readership a couple of times and my opinion hasn't changed. To be clear, I believe (especially in today's lockdown world) that if writers new and old were to chill out a little and accept the fact that their readers are going to read other works that appeal to them AND promote each other, not only would the community be that much more friendly, the entire marketing issue would resolve itself. Essentially, the viral amount of viewers who could access your book would increase exponentially. However, my experience has forced me to view the vast majority of (especially new) authors to put it bluntly - misers. Oh sure, there are a heap of 'like my page and I'll like yours' heck, I was guilty of this myself at the start! However, beyond that one time like, they don't view your page, they don't share any promotions, and they certainly don't buy. Now I know that some of you will disagree - which is fine. So I conducted an experiment...

Free Promotion for Counter Promotion

So here was the premise. My blog isn't the biggest out there but nor do I charge people to be a focus in it. On 4 individual FB groups, I posted the following promotion: A focused promotion spot on my blog on a Sunday (which is FB highest turnover day of the week - effectively its prime time), in return all I ask is that you post a few positive words (such as 'check this out' or 'this looks good' - I leave it to you) alongside the picture (featured below) and the link That's it - no need to pin it, no need to do this in advance (although do it on the day obviously), no need to expend unnecessary amounts of time. That wasn't all though - the topic of the post was entirely your choice. It could be about you, your book, your coming work, your website, etc.

Now my blog reaches an average of 115 people a week -according to my analytics. It's then posted and shared to on average at least 10 other FB groups with a combined potential viewership of 44,000, sound like a good deal? I thought so, in fact, I would have done it! There were only two caveats: 1) No Erotica and 2) No Romance - why? Because I genuinely have no interest in either of those subjects and the market is flooded with options for those people. Now considering how many more genres are out their - children, YA, historical, etc. - how many people do you think signed up? NONE!

Support Writers - Do You?

Yep, absolutely zero people signed up for a free open promotion opportunity because they didn't want to place that post on their own FB page! Authors (I included) are more than happy to pay (often through the nose) for FB and social media tycoons to give them a measly 500 potential views (if you pitch your ad right) or spit out $10 or more for someone to read a copy of their work they provide, for a few seconds of YouTube air time, but you offer a reciprocal arrangement and they bulk.

I am well aware that this comment is going to spark some controversy. I am likely to get comments they tell me that the community is a supportive bunch and we all love each other. Sadly, not my encounter from the vast majority. Surprisingly really when you take into account that they spend so much time on social media stating how difficult marketing is for them, but they cannot see the clear benefits of communal support for the dollar signs that apparently levitate above their readers' heads. I believe that this is because there is a genuine concern that their readers might find something that they prefer to read. Well if this is you, news flash, they aren't just reading you anyway!


Of course like all good theories, there are those wise and wonderful few who buck the trend and there are also those rare cases where great minds think alike. So without further ado here is the list of those who appear to have seen the light and MOST IMPORTANTLY where you can find them:

RYAN KROL - Syndrome -


KEITH M WELLER - Oath of Blood and Shadow -

PAUL LAFFERTY - Down the Lane

RICHI WRITES - Solomon -

JESSICA NIELSON - You're not Supermom ... It's OK! -



CRIS PASQUERALLE - Destiny Revealed -

ROBERT JACOBS - Smiling Out Loud -

Not on this list? Well, the offer is still open and there's still time to turn around from being THAT kind of author...

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