The fragile peace between the great houses has fractured and blood flows through the streets of Everfall!

With the dramatic events of King's demise behind them, the noble House of Dhal-Marrah has returned to prominence and there many who question the sudden favour granted to The House of Assassins. The lines are being drawn and as the leaves begin to fall, the country stands divided between those loyal to the widow Queen and those who seek to undermine her fragile reign.

Cerberus and Cerberex are thrown into a battle that cannot be fought with bolt or blade. Standing at the crucible of a political storm that could see an end to the Kingdom itself before the first snows of winter have fallen. As the shadows draw in, a traitor waits for the single mistake that could end the Dhal-Marrah line for good.


Your favourite characters return in this second book of horror and adventure from the Lands of the Draurhegar.


Expected in January 2021 - Follow www.facebook.com/esstephens or subscribe to the mailing list for updates.

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Copyright: Elizabeth Stephens 2020.

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