Are you afraid of the dark? The Lands of the Draurhegar Series is a wild ride of intrigue and assassination. In this world, knowledge is power, secrets are currency, and the measure of your worth is bought in blood.


The first in series and a Cerberus and Cerberex Novel. Fallen from favour, hunted by their enemies, and brought low by fate. The House of Dhal-Marrah may hold the key to prevent the coming storm but to do so they will need to face an adversary whose hatred knows no bounds and whose greatest weapons are the people they love most... More.

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The second in the series and a Cerberus and Cerberex Novel. Fractured and divided, the flames of civil war are rising. The House of Dhal-Marrah must hunt down the traitor in their midst before their enemies can move against them. Yet, time waits for no-one and long-suffering feuds seek to overrun them... More.



A short novella released on World Book Day 2020 in support of Cancer Research UK. Vethled, Protector of the Southern Pass and Master of Keep Dovhyrun, must ensure that the forces of the Dwentar do not pass the mountains unchallenged. Is he too late or are the drums he hears omen of a darker more sinister terror... More.


2021 Charity Novella for World Book Day 2021 in support of UNICEF. Thellen Vayne seeks a man. Not just any man, a political refugee hidden in the marshes - a Shade Reaver. War is coming and he will stop at nothing to secure an advantage for King and Country. But, the wolves are at the door and he may have bitten off more than he can chew... More.

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Featured in The VIP Lounge Digital Subscription 2020. A stand-alone serialized horror novella. The Dwentar have torn through through the south like a plague, raising and pillaging everything in their wake. Urden is a survivor. In the village of Skelda, he and his sister have seen out the Dwentari raids but at what cost? Out of food and running low on water, Urden's sister Isola has left to find more supplies but she has not returned... More.

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Featured in The VIP Lounge Digital Subscription 2020. A stand-alone serialized horror novella. War makes strange allies in the unlikeliest of times. Maevis has waited for her love to return. She knows that the sea will return him to her for though a cruel mistress, it is not without compassion for those who respect it but it does not bring what she expects and in these dark times of selfish distrust, she is about to learn who the real monsters are... More.