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Did you ever have a dream you desperately wanted to be real?

Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Stephens is a born and bred Englishwoman and writer living on the scruffy side of the Norfolk coastline. Born in Southampton, she spent most of her childhood in the Essex countryside with her sister, grandparents, and an entire library of books!

"I am fortunate that my family is filled with avid readers which over the years, has generated quite an impressive book collection."

She moved to Gran Canaria where she attended college in the small mountain town of Valsequillo, at sixteen. Here, she studied Greek, Latin, Philosophy, and of course Spanish - but never found any particular joy in these subjects. Instead, Elizabeth turned to writing stories on sheets of notepaper by hand or creating fictional characters in the margins of class textbooks. By the time she returned to the UK, she had filled three A4 project journals complete with illustrations and fictional alphabets.

"It was like living in a little slice of Middle Earth - except with cactuses and apricot orchards! My mother, her partner, my maternal grandmother, and I, all squashed into a tiny two-bed converted barn with curtains for doors! I spent most of the summer in a tent being woken each morning by one of our six cats. It was not easy. We didn't really have any books, so I started writing my own - they weren't very good..."

After retaking her final year of college back in the UK, Elizabeth went on to study English and Creative Writing at The University of Winchester and left with a 1st Class Bachelors Degree. At this time, the UK was caught in the midst of a recession and living in the ancient capital of England was untenable. It was time to move again, this time to Norfolk. Elizabeth found a job as a manager of a fantasy games retailer. She didn't return to writing for fourteen years, instead creating content and verbal sagas for established game systems shared by thousands of avid fans. 

"I didn't even really think about writing properly again until I'd had my son. Nothing I wrote seemed very good and I really did believe that I had forgotten how to do it."

In 2017 inspiration finally, hit and in November 2019 Elizabeth published her first full-length novel, the first book of The Draurhegar Series. She was already well into writing its sequel when she received her first award: The Best of Spring Reading, and then shortly after, attaining number eight in 20 Must Reads for Fall 2020. She appeared in the Boston Book Talkshow (sadly, no longer in production) as well as the Independent Horror Channel that focused on dark fantasy and horror authors. In the last days of December 2020, she launched her second novel: Drau Scion which was spotlighted by over one-hundred and eighty different news teams and studios before being added to the reading list for National Authors Day in the USA.  

"Did you ever have a dream that you desperately wanted to be real? I still think I'm dreaming sometimes. I was so nervous when I sent the final manuscript to be published. I thought the only person who would like it would be me. After all, here was a grown woman writing about Kings and Queens and magic. Apparently, I was wrong!"

Elizabeth took a short break from her seminal series in 2021. Her most recent book, The Book of Ashes, is her first anthology of short stories that flesh out the mythos of The Draurhegar Series and has since been awarded a Royal Dragonfly Award by Story Monsters (Scholastic) for the best anthology and runner up in the fantasy fiction genre.

"I have become something of a prolific writer and my next novel is already waiting in the wings."