Elizabeth S Stephens lives in the riverside town of Kings Lynn on the Norfolk coast of the United Kingdom. When she's not tending to her young son, she's sat at the breakfast table writing dark tales and chilling fantasy novels or traveling across the country to meet and greet with readers and talk about writing in high schools, colleges, and libraries.

Author of the globally sold Drau Series, you can find her work at Amazon, WH Smiths, Barnes & Noble, i-Books, and more than four other global outlets as well as numerous independent stockists. Her core series is a wild ride of murder, assassination and epic fantasy.

An active member of the social media community and charity promoter, you can find her at www.facebook.com/ESStephens and on Instagram at E_S_Stephens_author or catch up with her here on her blog.



The disgraced house of Dhal-Marrah may provide the key to avert the coming storm.

The Last of His Name

Young Vethled awaits his father's return from Keep Dovhyrun and ensure that the forces of the Dwentar do not pass the mountains unchallenged.

Drau: Scion

The scions of House Dhal-Marrah fight against the odds to prevent the coming civil war.




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